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SBA Webinars

Recordings of past webinars can be viewed by following the registration link.

 AndyPedley3rd April 2024 - Food Safety for Beekeepers Panel with Andy Pedley

 LyonAllsop6th March 2024 - Honey and Bees of South Africa with Natasha Lyon & Mike Allsopp

 NicholasNaeger7th February 2024 - Bees and Fungi with Dr Nicholas Naeger (Please visit the SBA Members Area to access recording)

 KatieFlinn 10th January 2024 - PTSD and Pollinators with Master Sergeant Katie Flinn

 CristinaMateescu 13th December 2023 - An Introduction to Apitherapy with Dr Cristina Mateescu

 thebeesoftasmania 1st November 2023 - Bees of Tasmania - Andrew Abrahams

 HoneyShowQAPanel 6th October 2023 - National Honey Show Panel

 JurgenTautz 5th April 2023 - The Nest of a Honey Bee - Professor Jürgen Tautz

 LorraineJohnston 1st March 2023 - My First Year as a Bee Advisor with Lorraine Johnston, SRUC

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Reporting notifiable disease

Bee Health Links

 susan cobey 8th February 2023 - Artificial Insemination & Honeybee Breeding with Dr Susan Cobey

Video Links

 chris park 11th January 2023 - The Sceptic’s Guide to Skep Beekeeping With Chris Park

 jamie ellis 7th of December 2022 - Recognizing and Addressing Queen Events with Professor Jamie Ellis (Please visit the SBA Members Area to access recording)

 genekritsky  1st of November 2022 - Ancient Egyptian Beekeeping with Prof Gene Kristky (Please visit the SBA Members Area to access recording)

 andrew abrahams 5th of October 2022 - Beekeeping on Colonsay by Andrew Abrahams

 JurgenTautz 6th of April 2022 - Forrest Bees and the History of Bee Dances by Prof. Jürgen Tautz 

MarlaSpivak 3rd of March 2022 - The Wonders of Propolis & An Introduction to Hygienic Bee Behaviour by Prof. Marla Spivak


MurrayMcGregor 2nd of February 2022 - Ask Me Anything and Everything Beekeeping! An Evening with Murray McGregor


JanuaryWebinar15th of Jan 2022 - Traditional Japanese Beekeeping: Rika Shinkai, Maximilian Spiegelberg and Christoph D.D. Rupprecht

HoneyCombBritishIsles.png1st of December 2021 - UK and Ireland Presidential Panel Discussion with Phil McAnespie (SBA), Anne Rowberry (BBKA), John Hill (UBKA), John Bowles(WBKA) & Paul O'Brien (FIBKA)

Bob_Binnie.png 3rd November 2021 - Beekeeping in Georgia by Bob Binnie

Richard Pywell 6th October 2021 - The Honey Monitoring Scheme by Prof. Richard Pywell

Maureen Conquer.png  2nd August 2021 - Honey Marketing and How to add Value to your Harvest

ic large w900h600q100 nicolab 9 7th July 2021 - Nicola Bradbear The Amazing Power of Bees to Change Lives  &  Videos from The Amazing Power of Bees to Change Lives                                              

Randy Oliver 2nd June 2021 - Live Question and Answer Session with Randy Oliver

RO1 5th of May 2021 - Varroa Research by Randy Oliver

Patrick Pollock 10th of March 2021 - Honey for Healing Horse Wounds by Dr Patrick Pollock

Jodie Goldsworthy  3rd of March 2021 - Taking a Long View in the Australian Market by Jodie Goldsworthy

  3rd of February 2021 - Global Perspetives on Bees and Beekeeping by Dr Jeff Pettis

Online Honey Fraud Talk  6th of January 2021 - Honey Fraud a talk by Prof. Norberto Garcia

Beekeeping in Australia  4th of Decemeber 2020 - An ABC of Australian Beekeeping by Andrew Wootton

q a4th of November 2020 – SBA Bee Farmers Q & A Panel with Bee Farmers Murray McGregor and John Mellis

SBA Bee Farmers Q & A : Questions from the Audience

peter kozmus 7th of October 2020 Beekeeping in Slovenia by Dr Peter Kozmus

Beekeeping in Slovenia, questions from the audience

Prof Tom Seeley12nd of September 2020 - Hive Thirst by Professor Tom Seeley

Many thanks to Tom for allowing us to publish this webinar. This talk will be available to view until 30th September 2021.

Scottish Government Logo4th August 2020 - SBA Q & A with Luis Morelo and Fiona Highet MBE

Harry Owens Burundi30th July 2020 -  Beekeeping Burundi & Me 2018 by Harry Owens

Q A8th July 2020 - SBA Q & A with Alan Riach, Phil MacAnespie and Mathew Richardson

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