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A Guide to the Plants that Benefit the Bees of the British Isles By W. D. J. KIRK AND F. N. HOWES
It is widely known that our bee population is under threat and that honeybees, bumblebees and solitary bees are all in decline. Our own population growth directly impacts that of the bees as the spread of intensive agriculture destroys the bees’ flower-rich habitats, threatening them and the important contribution they make to our lives.

Our gardens are therefore fast becoming an alternative source of food for many of our bee species and these spaces are crucial if our native bees are to survive and thrive. Mixed planting will provide food for all species of bee and ‘Plants for Bees’ presents a comprehensive list of which plants are most suited to which bees and gives expert guidance on the level of importance of each.

A simple key system allows the reader to quickly identify which plants are best suited to which bee and is supported by beautiful photographs of plants and bees. Highly informative and extremely useful for experts and hobbyists alike, ‘Plants for Bees’ provides all the information you need to plant a bee-friendly garden.

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