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What do you know about the honey bee apart from the fact that it can sting and it 'makes' honey? Throughout the centuries philosophers and naturalists have unfolded many strange and amazing facts about the bee colony and you may be surprised to learn that such a small creature has evinced so great an interest that more has been written about the bee than any other living creature apart from man himself.

It is hoped that this handbook will teach you a little about this fascinating craft.

Table of Contents:
1. How to Begin Keeping Bees
2. The Beekeeper's Calendar of Essentials
3. Spring Management
4. Facts About the Bee
5. Summer Management
6. Shrubs and Trees of Value to Bees
7. Control of Swarming
8. Honey
9. Queen Rearing in Small Apiaries
10. The Moir Library
11. Beekeeping Books for Further Reading
12. The Production of Heather Honey
13. Honey from Hive to Market
14. Examinations for Proficiency in Beekeeping
15. Insurance Compensation Scheme for Members
16. The Honey Show
17. Diseases of the Honeybee
18. Bees-Wax
19. Brevities

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