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Module Practice Question Sets

In response to requests from candidates for some method of maintaining progress with their Module studies during the Covid-19 lockdown, which has necessitated the cancellation of Module exams, the SBA Education Sub-committee is running Practice Question Sessions which, although not counting towards an award, will provide candidates with some feedback on their module studies.

To apply for a Module Practice Question Set click here

Practice Sessions details

Candidates would be allocated a Mentor who would mark the practice questions.

Candidates choose to study for their module of choice and when ready (after 3 or 4 weeks),will be sent a set of practice questions, (comprising 4 section B type questions). They will be asked to answer these in their own home, hand writing their answers as if they were sitting an actual exam and limiting themselves to 50 minutes (just under the time that should be spent in answering section B). If they have not finished in that time, they can complete the questions, but they should make a note which makes it clear to the mentor what has been completed after 50 minutes. Candidates may wish to ask a family member to “invigilate” in order to avoid the temptation of peeking at their notes. The question papers will be sent out by the Administrator three or four weeks after the commencement of the practice session, to allow for a period of home study.

The candidates will be asked to return their answer script, by post to their mentor by the end of the week when the question paper was sent out.

The mentor will mark the scripts using a marking scheme and then send the answers back with feedback. This will include the marks out of 15 for each of the 4 questions and a list of any points which have been omitted by the candidate.

After a further 3 weeks - a second set of 4 questions will be sent out by the Administrator and 3 weeks after this has been marked and returned a third set will be sent out.

Candidates are asked to treat the question sets as confidential.

Mentors may be mentoring up to 3 candidates at a time, so please keep phone calls to an absolute minimum.

Candidates must be members of the SBA and must pay £25 for a package of three sets of questions and feedback

Candidates interested in taking part should apply to the Practice session Administrator (initially Alan Riach), via the SBA website shop. Applications will be open on the Exams, Modules, Apply Online section of the website from mid November 2020. The Administrator will acknowledge the application and receipt of fee and will allocate a Mentor.

All Modules (M1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 & 8) will be offered


1) The 4 Section B format has been chosen because

a) with 60% of the marks, this is the largest section of the exam (Section A is 10%, Section C is 30%)

b) It is, in general, the least well answered of the sections

c) the answers should be in the form of short notes, an efficient way of checking that candidate know and understand the material.

2) The encouragement to answer the questions under exam conditions should allow candidates to improve their exam technique and time management skills which are most important when sitting these modular examinations.

See also the Module Guidance Notes here

To apply for a Module Practice Question Set click here