Training of beginner beekeepers in Scotland usually occurs at local level in courses run by Local Beekeeping associations, most of who are affiliated to the SBA - Affiliated Beekeeping Associations (ABA’s). Training courses are also run by non-affiliated organisations operating on a commercial basis.

This works quite well as local locations contain the experienced beekeepers and most importantly, the bees.

However the SBA has no direct control over the quality of these courses, even the ones being run by ABA’s. Specifically there is no validation of the experience and capability of the course tutors. We do of course support the ABA courses and have published a 23 page set of notes, specifically aimed at covering the syllabus of the Basic Beekeeping Certificate, but can also be used as beginner course guide notes. The SBA has also run “train the trainers” workshops, having recognised that even experienced beekeepers can be short on teaching skills.

The SBA is however sometimes asked by potential beginners to comment on the quality of local courses and local course tutors. This is of course difficult to do without formally assessing the courses or tutors.

One method of providing some assurance to beginners about beginner course value is to award lead tutors a certificate in recognition of the knowledge and experience they have gained in passing through the SBA education and certification system and to this end the SBA has introduced the SBA BEEKEEPING TRAINER CERTIFICATE.

Required Competence Level
The SBA Beekeeping Trainer Certificate (BTC) is awarded to beekeepers that can satisfy one of the requirements in each of the following two categories:

1. Attainment of the SBA Intermediate Practical Certificate or Attainment of the Intermediate Module Certificate or Attainment of the SBA Apiarian Certificate

2. Attendance at an SBA Train the Trainers workshop as witnessed by an attendance certificate OR Possession of a Scottish Education Dept. professional teachers training certificate.

Other professional trainer certificates will be considered on an individual basis but must contain basic teaching skills content, such as lesson planning and course construction and delivery.

British Beekeeper Association (BBKA) equivalent qualifications will be recognised.

The certificate is awarded by request via application, on the relevant application form, to those able to satisfy the above requirements.

Applications, accompanied by the fee quoted in the Exam Fees section of the website, payable to the SBA, should be made to the SBA Education Officer, accompanied by copies of relevant documentation.

Applications for this certificate can be made by post using the Form Here and sending with the appropriate fee.