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Advanced Practical  - The Apiarian Certificate

The Advanced Practical Examination is designed to give knowledgable beekeepers the confidence to mentor new and less experienced beekeepers and progress on to lecture and demonstrate the craft of beekeeping to others.

The examination will consist of four parts:

  1. a practical examination
  2. an oral examination
  3. conduct an apiary demonstration
  4. a lecture to a local association meeting

The entry requirement to sit the Advanced Practical Examination is a Scottish Intermediate Practical Assessment Certificate and the candidate shall have owned and managed continuously at least five colonies of bees for at least seven seasons. The Scottish Apiarian Certificate will be awarded at one level, Pass -60% . NOTE Candidates must achieve 60% in all sections in order to achieve a Pass in the exam.

Apply Online for your examination, or by post, complete the Exam Application Form and send it with the appropriate Fee to the Education Officer.

Syllabus related documents can be found using the links below: