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About The Scottish Beekeepers Association (SBA)


The organisation’s purposes are to support honey bees and beekeepers, to
improve the standard of beekeeping, and to promote honey bee products in
Scotland through:

  • The advancement of education in relation to the craft of beekeeping.
  • The advancement of the heritage, culture and science of beekeeping.
  • The advancement of environmental protection by conservation of the honey bee.

Key Aims:

1. To provide a range of services to the association’s members appropriate to their needs.

2. To provide a range of activities, events and services to the general public.

3. To consult and engage in dialogue with the public, other organisations and agencies.

4. To promote and support research, and the dissemination of knowledge and information on the economic and environmental importance of Scottish beekeeping.

Running the Association

There is a board of trustees, who are responsible for administering and running the affairs of the association day-to-day. All are volunteers, who give their time freely to the association. The trustees meet 5 - 6 times throughout the year.

Further pages within this section of the site contain details of the organisation, and how to contact all the volunteers who are involved with running the SBA and its Local Area Associations throughout the Scottish mainland and islands.